Beauty of the Unknown - C h a z z y K a i d d

O u t   J u n e   4 t h , 2 0 2 0

The record 'Beauty of the Unknown' defines life. One night during the winter , i'm in the studio with my team and we get to having "high conversation". From the flat earth vs round earth debate, to Super Hero's really being real, etc. At the end of the conversation, it was dope to conclude that we really have no clue, and thats the beauty of life. That night wrote the hook/bridge of this song.

No Love - Chazzy Kaidd

Out May 5th, 2020

Now that we're heading into the summer, we're going to need music to match!

Hot Girl & Hot Homie Summer means NO LOVE FOR THESE H**$! Chazzy brings lyrical exercise to 2020 Sound *chefs kiss*. The record is Prod. By Rahi, 2020 Spring Class Graduate at Syracuse University. 

Feb. 29th - Chazzy Kaidd

Out February 29th, 2020


February 29th is a date seen once every 4 years. Leap Year. This song embodies the idea of only coming around every once in a while. That could be you personally, opportunity, etc. The goal is to make sure when you do come around, make it memorable.

Might As Well Love Somebody EP (M.A.W.L.S)

Out February 13th, 2020

The Idea behind this 3 track EP was Simple, LOVE! Life's short , Love's real , might as well experience it with somebody while you have the chance to. The EP has vocal ft.on each track to give love that classic R&B feel it deserves. Features includes  'Singerboi MJ, Marq & TIRA, and Teddy Crooklyn'.

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